Integration Coaching

This Patreon Community is a very special space for learning & healing.

​This is place for people who want to learn how to do the work to heal themselves and their lives.

​This is a place to be inspired to live a happier, healthier, more peaceful life that you love.

It is a place to come together with others who are also on their healing journey- to learn, heal, grow, and change the world.

I am a Teacher.

I teach people how to heal and how to continue making healing a part of your life.
If you've ever done a Healing Session with me or heard me speak- there's a good chance you've heard me say that the Integration process is even more important than the Healing Session itself. It is so important to integrate the lessons learned into your every day life and to learn how to continue your healing after the session ends.

When you join the Patreon Community you will immediately  unlock access to:

The Six Pillars of Wellness MasterClass

Ascension: The Ultimate Chakra Healing Course

Energy Work Workshop

Colombia Trip & Plant Medicine Discussion Group

Healing Your Relationship with Money & Abundance Workshop

More than 30 Heal Your Life Discussion Videos

More than 15 Healing Sessions

More than 5 Movement Experiences

Endless amounts of Journal Prompts

& so much more!


We've talked about topics such as:

Integration 101

Healing Your Inner Child

Learning How to Truly Love Yourself

Body Shame

Light Language

Plant Medicines

Fear of the Unknown

Needing Everyone to Like You

Creating Your Highest Good

Chakra Healing - What each of the chakras are and how to heal them

Your Triggers


What it really means to have stuck or blocked energy

Releasing Resistance

How to do the deep healing you're being called to do

Self Worth

Self Love

Releasing Judgement

Living a Life Free of Pain

What it Means to be a Lightworker

Learning to Love, Accept, and Connect with Your Body

Your Ego

Putting Pressure on Yourself and the Need to Overthink Everything

Shame Around Sex & Healing Your Relationship with Sex

Connecting to Your Higher Self

Taking Back Control of Your Mind

Releasing Worry & Doubt

Self Love

Self Love

Self Love

(we talk about self love A LOT)

with new content coming out every single week!


To make it even better?
I ALWAYS take requests for topics, content, and videos.
So if you're a member and there's something you really want to learn about or have a healing session/meditation experience created for- I will always deliver!
So what are you waiting for?
We would love to have you!
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