Virtual Yatra Session

Virtual Yatra Session

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I offer Virtual Yatra Sessions that we can do from anywhere in the world.

I will use my skills and gifts as a Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Intuitive Psychic, Hypnotherapist, Chakra Specialist, Life/Health/Mindfulness/Spirituality Coach, Teacher, and Integration Coach to guide you through a unique session so that you receive exactly what you need on your journey

One of the most beautiful things about Energy Work is that I do not need to be in the room with you to connect to your energetic body. Energy Work is as powerful and healing from a distance as it is in a shared physical space.

Session Information

  • Session time varies - Sessions go as long as they need to go. On average a Yatra Session is about 2 hours from start to finish
  • You will receive a profound Healing Experience unique to you and what you need in the moment.
  • These sessions involve deep meditative and hypnotherapy techniques, Reiki & Shamanic Energy Healing, and other modalities that allow us to go deep into your energy body and give you exactly what you need.
  • For the session we will connect via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Phone Call. Headphones recommended.
  • We will come back together at the end of the session to answer any questions that you have. I will provide you with tools, tips, and guidance of where to go from here.
  • You session includes a 30 minute Integration Follow Up Phone Call. This call will be done a 1.5-2 weeks after your session. These sessions can be powerful experiences that may bring up things or cause waves in your life. Most clients find a follow up phone call to be incredibly helpful.
  • Session prices are on a sliding scale - this means that you choose what you pay. I offer sessions based on a sliding scale in order to work within any budget. You pay whatever you are able to pay on the scale based on what works for you 



Once you purchase your session, use THIS LINK TO ACCESS THE BOOKING CALENDAR

Remember- The Healing begins the moment you decide to book a session <3


Payment Plan Available for orders over $50:

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